Is Niccolo the Right Gas Supplier for My…

Is Niccolo the right gas supplier for your restaurant?  Opening a restaurant can be a great idea for those who want to own a business. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic has been very hard on the hospitality sector and many entrepreneurs had to postpone the big openings of their venues. We know that the last year or so has been difficult on restaurant owners, we can never understand the extent to which you have struggled. However, what we do understand is how you can get the best […]

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The Grand Gas Journey

From Under the Ground to your Cooker Step 1 – Extraction Finding the Gas Geologists look under the sea at different rock types. They’re trying to spot formations that might suggest the presence of gas Gas can also be spotted by aircrafts flown over the sea. They detect certain changes in gravitational pull which suggest

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Energy Reduction

When it comes to lighting, there are five things to think about. Cost – Light fixtures can be costly, so check sure the numbers stack up and provide a return on investment. Workplace Lighting – Check lighting levels to verify they are adequate and within HSE guidelines. Demonstrating impact – establishing a fixed, permanent, or

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Gas Meter Removal

Getting away from the gas We expect (and urge) more consumers to disconnect their gas supply as they move away from using gas to heat their houses and water and instead ‘electrify’ these operations. However, because this procedure is still relatively uncommon, there is little common understanding about how to organise it, how much it

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Gas for Restaurants

At Niccolo we understand businesses; we know how it feels to want the most cost-efficient outgoings possible and we endeavour to provide that for restaurants like yours. Not only that, at Niccolo we know that cost-effectiveness is not the only important thing. More and more customers are concerned with the standards of restaurants in an

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