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  • Why Do You Have a Standing Charge?

    You have probably seen the words ‘standing charge’ as you’ve been researching energy contracts. This article has you covered and gives you all the details to gas standing charges. What Is A Standing Charge With Niccolo Gas? A standing charge is an amount you are charged daily no matter what quantity of energy you use.…

  • CRMs for Energy Brokers

    Energy brokers can encounter many obstacles during a sale. A way to remove these issues is to use CRM. The automation saves energy brokers time and gives you all the information you need. Below are some of the best companies for energy brokers to use. CRM Contact Number UD Group +44 (0) 800 690 6324…

  • How Do I Get A New Gas Supply – Step by Step Guide

    Moving to a new property and the gas doesn’t work? Building a new property or business premises? Want to move your energy meter? This can be a stressful time and sometimes can be a lot more complicated than you think. If you’re thinking about getting a new gas supply, this guide will give you the…

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