Brokers and Partners

Here at Niccolo, energy brokers are valued highly. Niccolo is proud to work with a wide scope of energy brokers, offering energy plans and services to business customers. We want to bring the best deal for every customer, along with providing long-lasting support through our dedicated team.

Why Should You Work With Niccolo?

We care about energy brokers, specifically those who take pride in similar values to us. Niccolo knows that businesses treasure the support from their energy brokers and consultants, and that is why we value them too.

Our dedication and commitment to offer the best support is second to none. This is why we are always seeking energy brokers who share our passion for providing customer service.

We work with energy brokers each day, helping to provide customers and businesses with competitive gas and electricity deals.  

“Get the simple things right”

Alex and Anthony Grogan
Founders – Niccolo Gas

At Niccolo, we take pride in working closely with our energy broker partners. For us, there are many benefits to placing your business gas contracts with us:

  • Industry knowledge – Our extensive industry knowledge is up there with the best in the business and we take huge pride in our reliable service.
  • Range of products – We possess a variety of business gas products, suited to all types and sizes of business with a personal touch.
  • UK Gas and Power supplier support – Niccolo has support from one of the largest gas suppliers in the UK.
  • Dedicated service – Our Edinburgh TPI Team offers unmatched, dedicated service, giving you friendly support and advice.

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Are you an experienced broker working with SME or Industrial and Commercial clients?

Here at Niccolo, we work with a variety of partners, each being important to us. We do things right here, maintaining the highest standards that we pride ourselves on.

We deeply understand the significance of energy brokers and consultants to the business energy market.

Niccolo is excited to work with experienced energy brokers and consultants, especially those who share our values. This includes providing clear customer service and a commitment to maintaining high standards. 

By partnering with professional energy brokers, Niccolo can offer all SMEs and corporations competitive deals on their business gas contracts.

Start offering Niccolo Gas prices today.

No to BlockChain, No to AI, No to Big Data, No Crypto.

Yes to simple contracts, simpler pricing, faster responses and answering the phone.

How Can I Become A Niccolo Gas Broker?

If you’re interested in receiving prices from Niccolo Gas to offer your clients, contact our broker team at

We’ll ask you to complete a short form providing details of your business, before assessing your business against our compliance criteria.

If you are approved we will send you our TPI agreement.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to the Niccolo family. We strive to form long-standing connections with our energy brokers and hope to create a valued connection.

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Why Should You Use An Energy Broker When Buying Business Energy?

Tired of comparing different energy suppliers? When you’re in the market for business electricity and gas, an energy broker can help you to compare plans and prices to increase efficiency when switching suppliers. 

Energy brokers can take your businesses personalised energy needs and manage your account. But what other benefits do energy brokers offer?

  • Save you time – Avoid the stress and hassle of paperwork by using an energy broker, giving you more time to focus on your business.
  • Expert advice – Energy brokers know the market inside and out, giving you an impartial view of the market based on your energy requirements.
  • Price comparison – Who doesn’t love saving money? Energy brokers will meticulously search the market to find you the best deal.
  • Long term support – With energy plans, the brightest deals are fixed periods of time. This is where energy brokers can keep track of your account to ensure you keep saving.

Simplicity, high standards and friendly support.