Gas for Restaurants

At Niccolo we understand businesses; we know how it feels to want the most cost-efficient outgoings possible and we endeavour to provide that for restaurants like yours.

Not only that, at Niccolo we know that cost-effectiveness is not the only important thing. More and more customers are concerned with the standards of restaurants in an oversaturated market, and many are especially concerned with the efficacy and eco-friendly standards of establishments they engage with.

Niccolo can ensure that you never run out of energy during a busy service, and our green deals help your restaurant to help the planet. 

Our business energy prices are nearly £360 cheaper (for typical usage) than the cheapest of the Big 6, £660 cheaper than the most expensive option, Npower.

Because several appliances are used heavily throughout the meal preparation process, restaurants can consume a lot of energy. Furthermore, a large amount of energy is required for heating and lighting to guarantee that clients enjoy their time.

It’s critical to be able to precisely predict your company’s utility bills as part of your financial strategy. Small businesses typically pay £820 – £1,458 per year for gas, whereas medium enterprises pay £820 – £1,458 per year.

The food service business in the UK spends £400 million on energy each year and consumes roughly 20,000 million kWh of energy.

What Gas Is Used For In A RestaurantPercentage Of Total Gas Usage
Water Heating18%

Therefore it is important that you generate savings wherever possible.

Saving over £350 in a year could generate significant savings for your restaurant, which here at Niccolo Gas we endeavour you to reinvest into your business and make your service the best it can be.

Niccolo also offers a variety of environmentally friendly tariffs, including green gas, carbon offsetting your tariff, and alternatives to add more green gas to the national grid on our Gold Gas tariff.

Many customers would expect their local businesses to be working to help them minimise their carbon footprints as people become more environmentally concerned. Our tariffs help you do that without charging you the world for the choice to save the planet, unlike other suppliers.

As well as this, Niccolo knows you’re probably busy running and managing your restaurant. To accommodate this, we ensure all our customer service is efficient and of a high-quality, saving you precious admin time which can be better spent improving your business and its services.  

Niccolo is also aware that you are most likely preoccupied with running and managing your restaurant. To meet this need, we ensure that all our customer support is efficient and of high quality, saving you valuable administrative time that could be better spent expanding your business and services.

We know what we’d want if we were running a business similar to yours, and therefore that is what we endeavour to deliver to you. Choosing Niccolo Gas is choosing a gas supplier who puts you first, and works to meet all your individual needs and requirements.

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