How Do I Get A New Gas Supply – Step by Step Guide

Moving to a new property and the gas doesn’t work? Building a new property or business premises? Want to move your energy meter?

This can be a stressful time and sometimes can be a lot more complicated than you think. If you’re thinking about getting a new gas supply, this guide will give you the steps to getting your property connected to a new gas supply.

To make the process as stress-free as possible, speak to one of the experts at Niccolo who can help with all stages of a new connection. From pipes to meters, the team will guide you step by step, ensuring a smooth, efficient process.

How Do I Set Up A Gas Connection?

Okay, so you want to get a new gas supply.

For this to happen, you need to reach out to your local distribution network operator, also known as your ’DNO’.

The DNO are the companies that operate and own the infrastructure that supplies the gas to your premises. Your DNO is responsible for the gas piping, however, they don’t supply energy. Who your DNO is will be dependent on your location.

You can use an independent connections provider for various services if you prefer astray own some parts of the energy network.

To save some money, you could use a registered gas engineer to perform ‘contestable work’, however, before you do this, you must first speak with your DNO or IDNO, making sure any work is required to be agreed to or inspected by them.

Area (code)CompanyEmergency No.WebsiteTwitter account
North Scotland (17)SSE Power Distribution0800 300
Central and Southern Scotland (18)SP Energy Networks0800 092
North East England (15)Northern Powergrid0800 668
North West England (16)Electricity North West0800 195
Yorkshire (23)Northern Powergrid0800 375
Merseyside, Cheshire, North Wales and North Shropshire (13)SP Energy Networks0800 001
East Midlands, West Midlands, South Wales & South West England (11, 14, 21, 22)Western Power Distribution0800 6783
Eastern England (10)UK Power Networks0800 316
Southern England (20)SSE Power Distribution0800 072
London (12)UK Power Networks0800 316
South East England (19)UK Power Networks0800 316
Northern IrelandNorthern Ireland Electricity0345 764

So, you’ve found out who your DNO is, next you need to find out the answers to a couple of questions.

Does An Existing Gas Service Pipe Already Exist?

Installing a new gas pipe can take a long time, plus pretty expensive. A good start would be to check if an existing supply already exists. If this existing pipe is suitable, it could save you a lot of money, as well as time.

Don’t worry if not. Niccolo can help with quotes for new connections.

Will The Meter Be Installed Internally Or Externally?

Each premise is different and you’ll need to decide if the meter should be installed on the outside or inside of your building. Having it installed internally can be more aesthetically pleasing, but an external meter can be more accessible, as well as safer in case of an emergency. 

Choosing The Right Location For Your Gas Meter.

So, you’ve decided on whether it will be installed internally or externally. Now is the actual location. Normally, gas meters are installed nearest to the gas mains access. The majority of gas meters must not terminate more than 2 metres down a side external wall. Also, they should be no more than 2 metres into a property internally.

Ensure The Meter Location Is Safe And Meets Regulations.

There are certain locations when fitting a new gas meter that is not suitable. These include:

  • Near heat sources or sparks.
  • On internal walls of properties.
  • Boiler rooms.
  • Wet rooms or bathrooms.
  • Under stairs.
  • Close to very high or very low temperatures.
  • Under 15 cm away from an electric meter.
  • Wet floors.
  • Any rooms food is stored.
  • Rooms where corrosive substances could have an impact.

Measure The Maximum Demand Of Gas

This will be measured in kW (kilowatts). For calculating your peak demand, firstly add up the maximum kilowatt usage or input rating for each gas appliance installed or intend to install in the future.

To get this right, speak to Niccolo and we can direct you to a Gas Safe engineer or a consultant with a device manufacturer.

Choose Your Gas Supplier

To avoid time delays, this should be done around the same time as speaking with your DNO. Your gas supplier will install your meter and then bill you for your usage.

For a new meter to be installed, your supply agreement must be in place before the installation happens, making sure the gas used from the national grid is paid for.

Arrange Engineer Days Of Work

We are getting closer to completing the project now. Just a few steps to go.

Deciding dates and times for engineers to work is our next task. Usually, they work between 8 am and 6 pm on weekdays, with some working weekends for an extra fee. Approved representatives are required to be on-site to ensure the work carried out is safe. Any unexpected changes may need grant approvals too.

Arrange An Engineer Connect Appliances

Congratulations, you should have a completely operational gas pipe connection to the mains, as well as your meter which can now be connected to by your plumber. You can now start the process of connecting to your gas appliances.

How Much Do New Gas Connections Cost?

The cost of gas connections will usually be paid in advance, with the amount depending on numerous factors, such as the time it will take, the energy needed and where you are located.

The price will cover the following:

  • Cost of assets solely for your use.
  • The proportion of the cost of reinforcing the network, if needed.

The DNO will calculate your costs by their connection charging methodology which are published on their websites. Ofgem approves this methodology.

Gas installation costAverage cost
Install new gas connection to mains supply£1,000
Cap a gas pipe£500
Install new gas central heating system (excluding labour)£4,600
Gas engineer hourly rate£30-£100

How To Choose The Right Energy Supplier

Picking the right energy supplier for you can be overwhelming. They’re needed for you to get a meter installed, as well as the billing for your usage.

The team at Niccolo are here to make that process a lot simpler. We can advise on different available energy tariffs that suit your needs and requirements.

How Do I Alter A Gas Connection?

To alter a gas connection, your first step should be to contact your local DNO or IDNO.

For moving energy meters, this is a job for your energy supplier.

Remember – moving your energy meter by yourself is illegal. Speak to a professional and give Niccolo a call to arrange a gas connection alteration. 

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