New Manager

A new manager is coming to replace you and you do not know how to help?

So are you a manager of a business and you have decided to pursue a career at a different company?

You are probably wondering what you can do to help the person who will come to fill your spot. After all, I bet you could have used some guidance and tips when you were starting out. Also, a good manager can be the key to the company’s success.

Thinking about ideas that can help the new manager succeed can be difficult. Luckily, Niccolo is here to help you out.

Give the new manager tips on how to be successful

Some things related to working as a manager might seem obvious to you, especially if you have been working for the company for a few years. Still, they might not be crystal clear to the new person.

If you are wondering how to help the new manager quickly get in the swing of things, here is a list of suggestions that will definitely prove useful:

The importance of delegating tasksWhen the new manager comes, they will most likely want to take care of everything. Especially as they will probably not feel confident enough to tell people what to do right away.   That is why you have to tell them how important delegating tasks is. If they share things to do between a few members of the team, everything will be done more efficiently.
Addressing conflictAs at every company there are many employees with different characters and opinions, conflicts are likely to occur sometimes. When there is some tension, it is important not to ignore it but to address the roots of it to make sure the problem is solved.   Make sure to tell the new manager about some potential conflicts that they might encounter and give them insight into how they can reconcile the employees.
Building trustTrust between the manager and the team is very important but building it takes time. Make sure to tell the new manager not to feel discouraged if employees seem a bit reserved at first and give them tips on how they can create a bond with them.
The importance of feedbackThe new manager might not want to review the performance of employees right away so as not to come across as judgemental. Nevertheless, giving feedback to team members is essential to help them improve and grow. Of course, feedback has to be structured in a way that does not sound condescending.
Not feeling discouragedRegardless of what the position is, starting a new job can be stressful. It is easy to feel sad or discouraged when we are not a part of the team right away or when we are not achieving great things from the start.   Nevertheless, it takes a while to get used to working for the company and to build working relationships with other people. Make sure you explain that to the new manager.

Being a manager means having to be a leader and it is not an easy task. Make sure to tell the new person that as a new manager, they are not expected to have all of the answers and that they are allowed to make mistakes. Tell them that this new position is an opportunity for them to grow and learn but that there is no pressure for them to be perfect right from the start.

Tell the new manager what they should do after they start

Securing a position at a new company can be exciting but also overwhelming. When the new person comes to take over you, they will probably have no idea where to start. As you probably know the company very well, you can explain to them how it works and what they should take care of first. At the same time, you might be doing everything automatically by now if you have worked there for several years.

Hence, to help you organise your ideas, here we look at some things a new manager should do.

  1. Change their focus and priorities

What is important for one company might not be a priority for another one. That is why, when a new manager comes in, it is crucial that they take a while to understand what the main mission, objectives, and values of the new place are. These are the things that will guide them during all projects they will be working on. Changing one’s mindset can be challenging but it is essential to thrive in a new environment.

  1. Understand their role

Even though being a manager comes with a certain set of duties that are the same in all kinds of businesses, there are also things that might be different in every company. That is why, a new manager should speak to you, as the old manager, as well as to their supervisor, to make sure they understand what is expected from them.

  1. Get to know the team

Many managers make the mistake of coming to work and starting to complete various tasks right away, without getting to know the employees first. Spending some time with the team is essential to understanding what their skills and interests are, thus being able to effectively allocate tasks. It is also crucial to building trust and a good working relationship, which increases productivity of an entire team.

  1. Don’t be too quick to make changes

Sometimes when a new manager comes in, they might want to prove their abilities by introducing a number of changes to how the team and the company work. While changes are often a good thing, it is advisable to take some time to understand how the business operates and only aim to change some things after a while. Moreover, it is better to introduce changes gradually to see whether they bring the desired results.

  1. Take time to plan

New managers can easily feel stressed so taking some time to plan what they want to achieve and how they are going to do it is a good idea. This way they will have a roadmap that can guide them and make them feel like they have things organised. This way they will know what they need to focus on and what tasks they need to complete. If a new manager starts acting without creating a plan first, they might quickly realise that certain things are not working or that they do not have a sense of direction.

Explain to the new manager what their duties are

As I already said, the exact duties of a manager differ depending on the type of company they work for and its goals. Nevertheless, there are certain responsibilities that all managers have to fulfil. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Leading the team
  • Delegating tasks and checking their completion
  • Maintaining a safe and supporting working environment
  • Maintaining high work quality standards
  • Hiring and firing employees
  • Evaluating employees’ performance
  • Developing sales
  • Monitoring the finances of the company.

As a manager who already has some experience, you should help the new person understand what their duties at the company are. Managers tend to have experience in various aspects of managing a team so they should not have troubles with carrying them out. 

What every manager has to know is that they have to be a team player. Even though they are in charge of the employees and are delegating tasks to them, they should not be patronising and make them feel like they are inferior. They have to make sure that everyone at the company feels appreciated and has the chance to develop their skills and progress their career.

Help the new manager develop certain qualities

While of course every manager has a different personality and skills that might help them achieve their goals and be effective, there are certain qualities that every good manager should have. These include:

  • They focus on the strengths of the employees rather than their weaknesses
  • They enjoy working in teams
  • They work well under pressure
  • They have great communication skills
  • They are assertive
  • They feel comfortable with telling others what needs to be done
  • They are open to new ideas
  • They reward good work and effort
  • They maintain a positive attitude.

Every person who works as a manager should focus on developing these qualities as they are very important in the role. Luckily, it is possible to work on all these things, even if they do not come naturally to some. Developing these qualities can take time and can seem unnatural at first but if a manager is capable of mastering them, they will be excellent at their job.

If you apply our advice in practice and help the new manager prepare for their new job, you will no longer have to worry that they will not be up to the task. If you have any questions or you need some additional ideas, do not hesitate to get in touch. Niccolo’s team is here to help you out!