Aggregators For TPIs


Unfortunately, often big suppliers will not want to work with small or new brokers. This is often because they already work with enough brokers or because they believe the reach of smaller, newer brokers to be inadequate for their customer base.

Here at Niccolo we want to support other smaller, newer businesses and offer them the same chances we appreciated when starting out. Like us, many small-to-medium sized suppliers will be very open to partnering with smaller brokers. The more suppliers you can partner with, the better for your business, reputation, and growth. There are a lot of suppliers – too many for most small brokerages to contact themselves individually.

To help with this problem, many brokers use aggregators. Aggregators are a sort of energy-industry bridge for smaller brokers, providing them with access and reach to loads of suppliers. By increasing the reach of their brokers, aggregators also help brokers to access cheaper, wholesale prices for energy. Savings whenever possible are key for small businesses; why pay more for energy when that money may be better spent on improving marketing and expanding your customer base?

Aggregators act like a sort of glue which helps entities (whom otherwise would be largely unable to) to engage with platforms and organisations, and customers. Usually aggregators provide software, access to money and lending funds, and commission processing functions. They are to both the customer’s and to the company’s benefit and convenience.

One area that aggregators are particularly invaluable in is data security. Software can be expensive and is a big are many small brokers will have to scrimp and save on, often resulting in poorer quality frameworks which may not be able to offer them the security they need to protect their business. This is a huge opportunity for small brokers to benefit from.

In this article we are going to take a closer look at some of the main aggregators. If you want more guidance, advice and support to apply to partner with these aggregators then you can contact us at Niccolo Gas; we are always happy to help.


POWWR is the new name of two UK and US-based companies that have merged, POWWR and UD Group. This transatlantic coalition provides end-to-end global services and insights. The scope of this aggregator is an invaluable asset to any broker.

The merger establishes both organisations as market front-runners, growing a reputation for their high-quality front-end sales, contracts, and risk management solutions. They are comfortably expert in finding solutions for retail energy brokers.

POWWR provide both brokers and suppliers with software tools to grow their businesses. These tools allow brokers and suppliers live and cost-effective access to the wholesale utilities market, meaning cheaper prices to pass onto customers! Keeping costs low is an excellent, proven way to attract and retain customers to grow your brokerage.

Their software cloud compares prices across the industry (saving your brokerage LOTS of valuable time), generates quotes, can produce verified contracts and supports you in managing your business journey and development.

Below is a demonstration of what POWWR offer:

Solutions for YouExplanationBenefits for You
Web CRMA cloud-based CRM and procurement platformQuick and easy quoting and contracting
Price Comparison WebsiteComparing prices for energy across the industryHave the most competitive prices
Registering you with suppliersConnect you with both large and small suppliersEstablish relationships with suppliers to build a customer base and generate income
API IntegrationsCompile all the software you use into one areaIntegrated systems heightens efficiency and improves accuracy of data



QUBE.Direct are the first technology company who offer energy brokers access to cloud-based pricing solutions – another trailblazer! These cloud-based solutions offer a fantastic range of product choice, creating savings for the brokers to then pass onto their customer base.

Both domestic and business energy users are supported under QUBE’s consultancy, ensuring better service delivery to a wide range of customers.

Switching contracts has never been more simple as QUBE always put customer experience first!


ebroker provide integrated software solutions for energy brokers, specifically tailoring them to individual business models so every customer is assessed and treated as individuals.

ebroker offer some free platform options, as well as paid-for licensed services. They work with small and large suppliers, including all of the Big 6! Their diverse and esteemed list of connections would be hugely beneficial to a broker. Also, as aforementioned, it is near impossible for brokers alone to form contact with larger suppliers (let alone the Big 6!) and so working with ebroker would provide a small broker with an incredible opportunity to grow their reputation and reach.

ebroker provide tailored services for different businesses depending on your current situation, such as pathways for brokers with supplier relationships already and those who are just starting out. This means that brokers of all sizes – start-ups, small, and medium current capacity – can benefit from a tailored service from ebroker.

Below is a demonstration of what ebroker can offer:

Solutions for YouExplanationBenefits for You
Commission RetentionRetain 90% of the commission you make as a brokerageGreatly benefit from the opportunities an aggregator provides without sacrificing profit
Send unlimited E-sign contractsNo matter which license scheme you opt for, there are no limits on the amount of contracts you can send for e-signingHave the opportunity to exponentially grow your business and stay relevant with simple and efficient e-sign documents
Supplier IntegrationsCompile all the suppliers you use into one softwareIntegrated systems heighten efficiency and improves accuracy of data

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Marketed as the refined energy aggregator, OnlineDIRECT became the first business energy aggregator back in 2003. Trailblazers for the industry, OnlineDIRECT has provided market access and industry support to thousands of brokers; now that is a reputation you can trust.

With and impressive track record of initiative and excellence, OnlineDIRECT go way beyond simple aggregation. They pride themselves on offering unique training, support and technology services. OnlineDIRECT ensure that the brokers they partner with really are partners, and that mutual support and respect is essential to their market relationships.

Below is a little look at their success:

B2B Energy Contracts which have been set up, processed, and managed by OnlineDIRECTMore than 500,000
Contract Submission Time reduction, using their award-winning technology platform energyengine50%
Brokers currently partnered with, accessing their support services, supplier portfolios and pricing strategies2,000

OnlineDIRECT’s goal is to build brokers long-term success for their business meaning they will not just spend the bare minimum time to get you where you need to be. Instead, ample time will be taken to ensure you achieve where you dream of being.

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evolve (Love Energy Savings)

evolving your brokerage should be the top of your priority list. Take advantage of evolve’s infamously, industry-leading commission rates, easy-to-use management portal and friendly UK based offices to grow, expand and improve your brokerage!

Evolve partner with some of the biggest energy suppliers, including all of the Big 6. Charging no subscription fees, evolve provide comprehensive and accessible advice to brokers of any size.

Evolve ensure they meet the needs of their brokers:

  1. comparing more than 150 live tariff options from suppliers to allow brokers to see the most competitive prices,
  1. instantly submitting contracts,
  1. CRM system allowing sale cycle and commission management,
  1. compliance and regulatory support,
  1. giving brokers autonomy over the relationships they form through evolve, and
  1. news updates shared regularly to keep brokers in the loop of the market.

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Utilitrack are one of the fastest-growing utility brokerages in the UK! Utilitrack will work with you to enhance your skills as a professional. Their service is regarded as ‘quote though to contract’, offering comprehensive support for both customer and broker throughout the whole process of signing customers. Whether you are a broker starting from scratch or attempting to streamline and improve your existing, profitable brokerage, Utilitrack has an option to help you.

Utilitrack want to offer brokers a simple, effective approach. Using their tracking systems increases efficiency as well as providing clarity and understanding for both brokers and customers. Sales will come quickly with the reputation Utilitrack are building for themselves, there are no limits of size or income potential – whether you start of small, or large, you still have the potential to grow your brokerage to 6 figures!

Below is what Utilitrack can offer your brokerage:

Solutions for YouExplanationBenefits for You
SimplicityClear, well-structured software and documentationEnsure accuracy, clarity and clear communication between customer and yourself – this infamously helps build retention
Tracking SystemSchedule all contracts for their start and end datesStaying on top of contract end dates and renewal is important and will save time on tedious administration processes, so that more time can be spent enhancing your customer’s experience.
Efficient IntegrationsCompile all the documents and files you use into one softwareIntegrated systems heighten efficiency and improves accuracy of data

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Open Energy Market

The Open Energy Market platform is an award-winning software you can use to buy, manage and forecast business utilities.

Live, secure, and accurate information, the Open Energy Market service delivers massive savings. Savings are driven by competition and expert understanding of the energy market, whilst ensuring the service remains tailored and individual to each business’ needs.

Open Energy Market is the smartest way to trade, buy, report, and forecast on commercial energy consumption – try it today!

Solutions for YouExplanationBenefits for You
Data HubAccurate energy data all compiled into one easy locationConnecting meters, supplier data, and internal reporting means that all your admin can be located in one easy location
A Human TouchFirst-class advice offered by real peopleStaff will work with your company to understand your personal, corporate goals, helping to make a plan informed by their understanding of the industry which will shape your business into a success

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What is the TPI code of practice for energy?

The TPI (Third Party Intermediary) Code of Practice for Energy plays a crucial role in the energy market, ensuring transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct in the interactions between intermediaries, suppliers, and customers. TPis, which include brokers, aggregators, and other intermediaries in the retail energy market, act as intermediaries between energy suppliers and consumers, helping them navigate the complex energy landscape.

This code of practice outlines the standards and expectations that TPis must adhere to when engaging in activities related to the sale, marketing, and procurement of energy. It emphasizes the importance of fair pricing, accurate information, and protection for consumers, including both non-domestic and domestic customers. TPis are expected to provide tailored advice, support, and solutions that suit the unique energy needs of each customer.

The code also addresses key areas such as stakeholder engagement, contractual obligations, regulatory compliance, and customer protection. It ensures that TPis operate within a framework that prioritizes the interests of their clients while upholding industry standards. By implementing this code of practice, TPis contribute to a more competitive, secure, and transparent energy market, ultimately benefiting businesses and consumers alike.

What are third party intermediaries in the energy market?

Third party intermediaries (TPIs) play a pivotal role within the energy market, acting as intermediaries connecting customers, both businesses and domestic consumers, with energy suppliers. TPIs encompass a range of roles including brokers, aggregators, and intermediaries in the retail energy market. These entities facilitate interactions between customers and suppliers, providing expert guidance and tailored solutions to meet diverse energy needs.

TPIs operate within the complex landscape of the energy market, navigating the intricacies of contracts, pricing, and energy procurement. They streamline processes, offering a wide range of services that span from consultation to securing the best energy contracts for their clients. By doing so, TPIs ensure that customers receive cost-effective solutions, benefit from market access, and are well-informed about options such as aggregation and the net-zero agenda.

The TPIs’ significance extends to stakeholder engagement and regulatory compliance. They manage relationships between suppliers and customers, playing an important role in retaining supplier relationships and offering transparent, compliant services. TPIs’ involvement varies from non-domestic energy to the domestic market, covering a broad spectrum of business models and energy requirements. As valuable intermediaries, TPIs are instrumental in simplifying the energy landscape and facilitating mutually beneficial interactions between suppliers and customers.

Who is the energy regulator?

The energy regulator in the UK is Ofgem, the Office of Gas and Electricity Markets. Ofgem plays a critical role in overseeing and regulating the energy market to ensure fair practices, transparent pricing, and consumer protection. It works to maintain a competitive environment where third-party intermediaries (TPIs), suppliers, brokers, and aggregators can operate while upholding the interests of both businesses and domestic consumers.

Ofgem’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of areas within the energy sector, from regulating energy contracts and tariffs to promoting energy efficiency and sustainability. It sets the regulatory framework that governs supplier relationships and pricing structures, aiming to streamline processes and secure affordable energy for all consumers.

One of Ofgem’s core missions is stakeholder engagement, gathering input from various entities including TPIs, brokers, and suppliers through consultations and engagement programs. This ensures that policies and regulations are effective and tailored to the diverse needs of the energy market. Ofgem also safeguards against harm, creating a protected environment for customers and promoting net-zero goals.

What are the specific benefits of using an aggregator?

Using an aggregator in the retail energy market offers several specific benefits that can greatly impact businesses and consumers alike. Aggregators serve as intermediaries that leverage their expertise in navigating the complex energy market to provide tailored solutions. By partnering with an aggregator, businesses can access a wide range of suppliers and energy contracts, ensuring competitive pricing and flexibility in selecting the right tariff.

Aggregators play an important role in helping businesses manage energy procurement more efficiently. They streamline the process of sourcing energy, negotiate pricing, and handle administrative tasks, saving businesses time and resources. With their industry knowledge, aggregators can also provide guidance on energy efficiency measures and net-zero goals, aligning with the UK’s commitment to sustainability.

For small businesses, aggregators offer a cost-effective way to access wholesale prices that may not be achievable independently. Aggregators engage in stakeholder consultations, staying up-to-date with regulatory changes and market dynamics. This ensures that their services remain compliant and aligned with evolving industry standards.

Aggregators, like Energy Aggregator Ltd., would provide end-to-end support, from initial consultation to implementing tailored energy solutions. They enable access to a wider supplier network, helping businesses secure more competitive rates and thus reducing energy costs. Ultimately, partnering with an aggregator can lead to a more efficient and profitable energy strategy while navigating the complexities of the ever-changing energy market.

Should I use an Aggregator?

Deciding whether to use an aggregator in the retail energy market involves considering various factors that impact your energy procurement strategy. Aggregators, acting as intermediaries, hold a pivotal role in simplifying the complex energy market landscape. Their ability to engage with a wide range of suppliers and tailor energy solutions to your specific needs can be invaluable.

For businesses, especially small enterprises, an aggregator can provide access to wholesale prices that might otherwise be challenging to secure. They streamline the procurement process, managing negotiations and administrative tasks while offering cost-effective services. Aggregators also play a crucial role in stakeholder engagement and keeping abreast of regulatory changes, ensuring that your energy strategy remains compliant.

Partnering with an aggregator like Energy Aggregator Ltd. can provide end-to-end support, from initial consultation to implementing energy solutions. Their expertise in navigating the market and establishing supplier relationships can lead to more competitive rates and efficient energy procurement.

Ultimately, using an aggregator aligns with the UK’s net-zero goals by helping you make informed energy choices. If you’re looking for a transparent, cost-effective, and flexible way to manage your business’s energy needs, using an aggregator is a prudent choice that can help optimize your energy procurement while staying compliant with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.