CRMs for Energy Brokers

Energy brokers can encounter many obstacles during a sale. A way to remove these issues is to use CRM. The automation saves energy brokers time and gives you all the information you need. Below are some of the best companies for energy brokers to use.

CRMContact Number
UD Group+44 (0) 800 690 6324
OnlineDIRECT+44 1604 641 363
UtilityClick+44 208 004 7060
Transcendit+44 0191 482 0444
PowerMatrix+44 (0208) 004 9048
Methodia+44 778 940 5070
EvolveOnline+44 01204 471433

UD Group

What do UD Group Offer?

Connected Systems – With UD Group, their systems work together, creating a smooth and efficient sales journey. Data flows seamlessly between broker and supplier systems.

More Leads – Their information helps to generate more leads, with information from prospects being sent directly to your CRM. This includes contact details, renewal dates and consumption rates.

Work With Big 6 – UD Group work with the largest energy suppliers, along with up and coming companies fighting for the top spot.

What Features and Benefits Does UD Group Have?

Time-saving – Instant pricing will save you plenty of time. Get simultaneous pricing for both gas and electricity for HH and SME contracts.

Award-Winning – UD Group were also finalists for the Cloud Awards 2019-20 showing their customer satisfaction and product value.

Long-Standing – UD Group were the first UK Business to launch an energy price comparison website back in 2011, giving customers the possibility to price and change energy contracts online via DocuSign.

Customisable – You can customise your CRM to your branding, targeting different campaigns based on your audience.


What Do OnlineDIRECT Offer?

Fantastic Support – Whether your request is pre or post-contract, OnlineDIRECT is happy to help with all information requests and queries. Get up to date industry news and supplier price changes with daily market reports.

Market Access and Quoting – Get immediate access to SME Gas, HH and Electricity prices. You will have full energy market access with automatic contract submission and generation. With this, you have corporate, flexible, and multi-site tendering capabilities.

Finance & Reporting – Get commission forecasting and weekly payment reports, along with self bill generation. Also, you will receive payment summaries by each agent on your team, giving a breakdown, line by line of their report.

What Features and Benefits Does Online Direct Have?

Cutting Edge Technology – OnlineDIRECT has energyengine®. This is one of the best utility sales platforms on the market. Using leading cloud technology, Brokers can forecast, quote and manage customers from any location across the globe.

Always Evolving – Energyengine® is constantly adapting and improving, tailored the changing demands from the energy market and aimed at helping brokers every step of the way.

Customisable Safety – Customer data is restricted to access for you only. Also is the option to use the CRM without making any of your data visible to OnlineDIRECT. There is a dedicated in-house data security team for added protection.


What Do UtilityClick Offer?

Different Prices For You – UtilityClick offer three different price zones based on your budget. ‘Priced’ is for just generating pricing quotes. ‘Pro’ for a complete energy broker CRM system and ‘API’ if you need to build your internal system.

Instant Data – Improve productivity by removing admin tasks such as consumption requests, invoicing, queries and payment. UtilityClick offers instant data generation, streamlining the commission process.

100% Independent – UtilityClick take nothing brokering energy. Other CRM’s that specialise in the Broker industry, may make money from brokering deals. Your data will only be used for your deals.

What Features and Benefits Does UtilityClick Have?

Constant Updates – Dedicated developers continually monitor and improve the system. This will enhance the user experience, adding and creating features you want. There is no charge for improvements and features you want can be added.

Live Reports – Get instant statistics such as targets, commissions and other key performance indicators. You can also monitor each team’s performance week by week.

Worldwide – Working from home becoming more important in the current climate. You have access to your entire portfolio from any location.

What You Should Look ForReason
CustomisableBeing able to customise the platform to match the needs of your business can be really beneficial and help to drive sales.
ExperienceDoes the company have experience with energy brokers? This can be beneficial as they know the market well.
Customer ReviewsHave other customers used the company before? Would they recommend it?
SupportDo they offer customer support? It can be helpful to have a dedicated service to helping you out.


Developed by Transcendit, Paradigm is the web application for customer relationship management.

What Does Trascendit Offer?

Increase In Productivity – All employee interactions with customers are registered. Managers and employees can view call durations and review phone calls for future reference. The application also covers many general admin tasks such as email forwarding, increasing productivity.

Decrease In Human Error – Calls to be made with the application. They are both logged and recorded within the system and callbacks can also be scheduled.

What Features and Benefits Does Trascendit Have?

Bespoke Application – With a completely bespoke application, users are guided through the available processes. These include contacting a business, sending the required information to the appropriate recipient and quoting a price.

Tailored To Your Business – They never use templates, so you receive a fully customised application to fit your needs and requirements. Get one step ahead of the competition.

On-Time and In Budget – The dedicated team of developers at Transcedit strive to ensure that your application is delivered on time and within budget.


What Does PowerMatrix Offer?

365 Accessibility – With energy brokering being highly demanding, prices changing in seconds and customers wanting the best deals, it is important to have reliable rates. PowerMatrix provides frequent updates ensuring your business is up and running 365 days a year.

Easy To Scale – With many daily processes being automated, you can easily focus on growing the business, adding agents and adding clients. With SparkPlug (PowerMatrix’s CRM) being a cloud-based solution, scalability is not a problem.

Human Error Reduction – SparkPlug’s process management allows for data entry issues being significantly reduced. Also, calculation errors will be decreased with the energy software packed with features and reports aiming to avoid errors.

What Features and Benefits Does PowerMatrix Have?

Leading Dashboards – Designed by experts, the Sparkplug dashboard provides live and accurate reports of your prospect & renewal pipelines. Along with sales activity, opportunities, forecasts and financial performance charts, all of which are tailored to each role within your business.

Detailed Reporting and Forecasting – Sparkplug generates and exports over 20 various reports such as leads, sales and financial performance reports and profitability reports.

Easy To Use – Designed by users who are from a similar background to energy brokers, it is designed with you in mind. The streamlined design makes all the information clear and easy to find, with customisable features to fit your needs.


What Do Methodia Offer

Versatile – Methodia’s energy broker system is suitable for all types of brokers, such as utility suppliers, energy consultants and brokers. You can gain quote services such as electricity, gas, and water.

Extensive Industry Expertise – Methodia boasts great industry credentials and has had a huge range of diversity of customers over their time. They use their experience and knowledge to give you significant value for your business.

Create Targets – To improve sales, you can create targets and tasks for your agents with alerts and schedule notifications. Automatically accumulate key customer information from the broker portal into your CRM database keeping data up-to-date.

What Features and Benefits Does Mathodia Have?

Customisable – You can configure the layout to suit your needs and the interface is user friendly. You can also integrate with other systems and it is suitable for various home services.

Multiple Quotes – Have access to a sales pipeline, gaining multi-quotes generation for a wide range of sites and also many utility suppliers with real-time reports and notifications.


What Do EvolveOnline Offer?

Worldwide Access – The online broker platform is available from anywhere in the world. Gain immediate access to over 150 live feeds and give customers the greatest deals from the moment you sign up.

Training – If necessary, EvolveOnline offer support and training to help you get up to speed with the software, allowing you to utilise every part of the portal to boost your business.

What Features and Benefits Does EvolveOnline Have?

Safe and Secure – EvolveOnline gives you peace of mind with daily, backed up data. Two-factor authentication is required for logging in, giving you added security. All your documents are stored safely in the Documents Warehouse.

Responsive – Your news feed will feature updates from suppliers and news from the industry. This includes price releases and compliance and regulation updates. You will also get real-time updates from customers, along with live rates and a face-to-face live customer view.

Scale Up – Gain access to viewing your entire business, from your first client to the latest customer. Your dashboard overview allows you to set permission levels for employees to have access to data and the invoice hub hosts all previous and current invoices.