Kick start your plastic-free life with SaveMoneyCutCarbon – My Money Cottage

Kick start your plastic-free life with SaveMoneyCutCarbon - My Money Cottage

We should all be trying to live a more eco-friendly life, and I am constantly aware of the amount of single-use plastic we use in our house. I always recycle where we can but some packaging still has to just go into the normal waste bin, and this does worry me. Cling film in particular is something I’m consciously trying to cut back on, but some of the alternatives I’ve tried just haven’t been up to scratch.

Why should we cut down on cling film?

Cling film is notoriously bad for the environment. It’s one of the most commonly used types of single-use plastics that cannot be recycled, making it a really bad choice for our environment. Once used and disposed of, cling film never fully breaks down. In fact, this is the case for many single-use plastics. They’re used once, maybe twice if we’re lucky, and then disposed of.

As well as the environmental impact, there are also concerns that cling film is harmful to us when it’s used to heat foods up. It’s thought that during the heating process, cling film releases chemicals that causes some contamination in the food we eat.

How can SaveMoneyCutCarbon help?

SaveMoneyCutCarbon have a great range of alternative products on their site – in particular, their range of Stasher bags. These are a #PlanetPositive, eco-friendly alternative to cling film, and I was really surprised at how versatile their products are.

I have used various different alternatives to cling film over the last few years, but I’ve often found that I’ve had to transfer food into different containers to cook in the oven, freeze or put into the microwave. I’ve never found a product that was suitable for pretty much every single way of cooking. But that’s what these bags offer.

The stasher products from SaveMoneyCutCarbon are self-sealing silicone bags available in various sizes that are suitable for use in the freezer, fridge, microwave, oven, and dishwasher. I’ve tested them out and been really surprised at how good they are! Unlike any other product I’ve ever tried, these really are able to completely replace single-use cling film for pretty much every use you could think of.

I have used them to freeze food, cook food in the microwave, store leftovers and cook food in the oven and they have worked perfectly every single time.

I froze these leftover sausages using a Stasher bag, took them back out of the freezer a week or so later, allowed them to defrost in the bag and then placed the bag straight into the oven to heat them up again. This makes it really easy to store leftovers and limit the amount of food waste.

When you’re a busy, working Mum, simple things like this really do make a huge difference, particularly during the week when evenings can be pretty hectic!

I have also been using Stasher bags to store leftover chicken which we have every single Sunday after our roast dinner.

Stasher bags are also perfect for using in lunch boxes too. They come in small sizes which are perfect for keeping fruit, sandwiches, cubes of cheese or whatever else the kids usually enjoy in their packed lunch.

Other ways to be more eco-friendly

Cutting down on the amount of single-use plastics you use is a great way to kick start a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you want to take this one step further, you can also look into a few different ways to cut down on your plastic use altogether.

You could also consider joining the Home Club from SaveMoneyCutCarbon. As well as helping you to live a more eco-friendly life, they can actually also help you to save money too.

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