The Niccolo Broker Code Of Practice

At Niccolo Gas, we value our brokers highly. We see the value they bring to the industry, day-in and day-out.

You’d think this would be shown by us working with as many energy brokers as possible then, right?

Well, you’d be wrong.

We only work with the best brokers in the industry. The cream of the crop.

We have a strong code of practice for our brokers and expect all partnered brokers to work to achieve these standards. This is part of our vision for a fairer future for the UK energy industry.

The team as a whole

We don’t just work with anybody – all brokers have to pass background checks and a robust recruitment process. This ensures that all of the brokers we work with can demonstrate their skills before we make the decision to work together, and prove that they can work in a professional environment.


One thing that will remain consistent with the energy market, is that it is forever changing. Because of this simple fact, we will never rest on our laurels. We ensure all of our staff receive proper incentives to upskill and learn and expect no less from any of our brokers.

Clarity of material

We know how easy it is to get lost in the jargon of the energy industry, especially from a customer point of view. That is why we have made the commitment to produce incredibly clear and understandable marketing and sales material. We expect our brokers to continue this clarity in the way they communicate with customers.


There has been a lot of bad press for ‘dodgy brokers’ recently. We refuse to work with any brokers that participate in reckless or misleading sales tactics. We treat others the way we expect to be treated in return, which means clear and respectful communication at all times.

Relevant Laws and Regulators

We ask all of our partners to not only adhere to our own code of practice but industry standards as well. This includes Supply Licence Condition 7a, Ofgem’s Standards of Conduct, Data Protection Act, AUDDIS, Business Protection Regulations and Employment Law.

Letters of Authority

We ask all of our brokers to procure a Letter of Authority (LOA) from any business customers, printed on company headed paper if possible. This letter represents the authority to act on the customers’ behalf.

Supplier Contracts

We expect all of our brokers to operate under the same conditions as we do when handling supplier contracts. Before any customers agree or sign anything, it is imperative that brokers take proper precautions to ensure that customers have access to all of the information needed to understand exactly what it is you are agreeing to and the implications of signing it.

Supplier Contract Rejection

If brokers encounter any issues when dealing with switching a contract, we expect them to let both the customer and ourselves know as soon as possible. We further expect them to work with all involved parties to ensure a favourable outcome.

Data Protection

We follow the terms of the Data Protection Act when working with customers and clients, and expect our brokers to do so too. We are fully registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, also.


We believe in complete clarity with everything that concerns customers, part of our vision of a fairer UK energy industry. Because of this, we have several strict rules on broker uplift that we will not change. We have placed a maximum of 1p commission uplift on all of our products (which is a big whack less than standard broker commission figures from other suppliers).

We will only work with brokers that are happy with this commission figure, and communicate this to customers. We also never pay commission upfront at the start of a contract, deciding to protect customers by paying after billing has been calculated for the month.


If in the unlikely scenario that customers have to make a complaint, we have a simple but strong complaints process/procedure. We share this with our brokers and expect full buy-in.

Data Retention Policy

All of the information and records we store on any of our customers is stored securely, and is only accessible by authorised staff. All of the following documents will be kept securely on our network; Signed letters of authority, supply invoices, signed supply contracts.

We will only store information for as long as it is needed, or required. Once the information no longer meets this criteria, it will be disposed of safely.

We only work with brokers who respect data protection in the same fashion we do.

For Brokers

If you have read over our code of practice for brokers you may be struck by how we expect our brokers to operate to the same standards as employees within our business. This is because we recognise that brokers are essentially an extension of the business, and in some cases, they can be the only impression that customers have to go on when building up an idea of suppliers.

This, and for other reasons already outlined, is why we take our broker code of practice so seriously.

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