Niccolo Gas Meter Installation Service

Are you currently in the market for new gas meter installation? Then you’ve come to the perfect place. Niccolo offers expert service, getting you up and running in no time at all.

No matter your reasons for a new gas meter installation, Niccolo are your first choice for getting the job done at the best price, with efficiency and safety. We offer businesses and homeowners stress-free service, taking the hassle out of gas meter instalments. 

Here at Niccolo, we are happy to help with your requests, with our dedicated team to support you along the way. 

Why Choose Niccolo for your new gas meter installation?

At Niccolo, we will guarantee to work closely with your needs, making sure to provide a solution that fits your timescale and budget. Many other companies offer complicated hassle which can add unnecessary and unwanted time. We offer a streamlined service, aiming to complete the new gas meter installation within your time frame.

Other benefits we provide:

  • Different meters
  • Small or Large business solutions 
  • UK Based Contact Centre
  • Expertly Trained Advisors
  • Competitive Prices
  • Simple Process

Getting A New Gas Meter With Niccolo

Niccolo offers fantastic customer support and we are here to get you on the right path. Give us a call or email us at

We will be happy to assist you, giving you relevant information and guidance. 

What Should I Consider When Installing a New Gas Meter For Businesses?

Do you know your property’s meter point reference number (MPR/MPRN)?If you have an MPRN, the reference number will be on any paperwork sent out by the National Grid. If you’re unsure if your meter is connected and have not received any paperwork from the National Grid, contact XOSERVE on 0870 608 1524 to ask for your MPRN. You can also visit Find My Supplier and input your information.
Do you know where will your meter be fitted?This depends on the position of the gas supply and your premises. This could mean the meter will be installed on the inside or outside. If your building has gas pipes that don’t enter the premises, you’ll likely have a shelter for the meter outside. 
Do you know your maximum gas requirements?Every business has different maximum gas requirements, it is calculated from the amount you use in an hour. Speak to a CORGI-Registered engineer and get a reading on your appliances. Otherwise, contact the National Grid.
 Does your property have an existing supply?If you have a meter, contact the National Grid to check if your meter is connected. It will take the National Grid on average 15 days to complete the check. It is worth checking if the meter will be capable of meeting your gas demands.
What is the service pressure of your gas supply?Usually, the pressure will be ‘low’ or ‘medium’ but it can be ‘high’ in certain cases, making the meter installation possibly more expensive. However, the service pressure does not affect the prices you pay from your gas supplier.
When do you need your business gas meter fitted?Gas maters are usually installed quicker than electricity meters. Suppliers will normally install your gas meter within 5 working days. At Niccolo, we suggest contacting us 2 weeks in advance to avoid delays. 

How Long Does a New Gas Meter Installation Take?

Standard gas meter installations take roughly 6-12 weeks to complete. This depends on the size of the job and its complexity. Each job is unique and we strive to put you in the right hands to get the project completed in time to suit you. 

Is It Easy To Install a New Gas Meter?

We at Niccolo seek to make the new gas meter installation as streamlined and easy as possible. Our dedicated team will guide you through the process, making sure to answer any of your queries along the way.

Why Do I Need a New Gas Meter Installed?

When paying your energy bills, you want to make sure the amount you’re paying is correct and precise. Your gas meter may be nearing the end of its lifespan, which can affect the readings. Installing a new gas meter will provide up-to-date and accurate readings. Also, you may have a faulty gas meter, therefore it would need replacing with a smart gas meter. 

You can also reduce your energy bill. Who doesn’t love saving money? Newer gas meters can be easier to monitor, allowing you to see your energy usage all through the day. 

Adding to the benefits, you can reduce your carbon footprint too. A new gas meter can help you to take steps in reducing your energy output, giving you peace of mind that you’re contributing to a green and healthier planet. For businesses, this is a great opportunity to enhance your public image.

How Would I Know If My Gas Meter Is Faulty? 

If you suspect the meter is faulty, you should call an expert to check the meter is not working as usual.

If you notice that your recent readings have been higher or lower than normal, it is a good idea to check your previous bills and compare the numbers. This is a sign that your meter is broken. 

Another test is to try turning all gas-powered appliances in your home off. For example cookers and boilers. Leaving them off for 24 hours, notice if your gas meter reading has changed. The number should not rise if you have turned off all gas-powered objects. 

Does My Meter Need Replacing Even If It Is Working Fine?

Even if your meter is working fine, if it has reached the end of its certification period it needs to be replaced. Every meter has different restrictions, however, they’re usually changed every 10-20 years. Induction meters are roughly replaced after 20 years and static meters after 10 years. Installing a new meter will ensure correct readings and decrease the risk of mistakes, which could end up costing you in the long run.

How Much Do New Gas Meter Installation Cost?

The price of a new gas meter installation varies. An expert will inspect the site of the installation area, this will give them an idea of price. It also depends whether you’re on the national grid. Here at Niccolo, we offer competitive prices with expert support. 

Where Does My Gas Meter Need To Be Located?

The best area for your gas meter is on an external wall. You’ll want to be sure your gas meter is no more than 2 metres from the corner of your property, on either side of a sealed window or door. In some cases, your gas meter may be installed on the inside of your property.

Can My Gas Meter Be Fitted Inside?

In certain cases, your gas meter may be installed inside a building. For example, in a communal block of flats or on a large industrial estate.