Energy supplier and broker partnerships: You’re only as good as the company you keep

We believe in supporting the community of those who serve business customers in the right way. By not entering into business with those unscrupulous brokers, we hope to ensure we represent the company we keep. We do not condone brokers using their position to hoodwink customers for their own gain. Yes, we all have to make a profit, but some have mislaid their moral compass.  As a supplier, it can be challenging to ‘police’ and we continue to work on processes to improve transparency across our partner network.

Over the past year, we have experienced a rise in Change of Tenancy submissions. Understandably, the current economic climate has caused many businesses to have to close. With all submissions, sadly there are some customers using the process as a loophole to avoid paying their bills and brokers abusing the system to switch customers for their own gain, with customers being none the wiser. 

With the rising challenges, businesses are facing, choosing an energy contract can be down the pecking order of things to sort. Having their broker manage this for them is one less hassle to deal with. We receive a change of tenancy requests from many of our partners acting on behalf of their customers and our trusted partnership means unsavoury behaviour caused by others is not at the detriment to all our partners who serve the customer with the best intentions.

We apply rigour to our process to weed out any concerns of malpractice. With no easy way to validate requests and gain necessary details, it can become time-consuming. Something that no one wants but unfortunately is necessary to protect all parties. As part of our process, we back-date any contracts for those newly contracting with us, as a testament to putting the customer first.

Honesty and transparency are what this industry needs to dis-spell the perception that all suppliers and brokers are untrustworthy. Open, honest and fair are some of our values that aren’t simply words. We aim to live up to these in decisions we make and actions we take as a business to ensure the company we keep is all supporting a change for good in the industry.

If you are a business that uses an energy broker and is unsure of who to use then check out our tips on the rise in unscrupulous energy brokers and how to avoid working with one.

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