Moving Properties: What Is the Process With My Energy Supplier?

In March 2020 when the nation faced lockdown 1.0, our Business Mover team saw a decrease in work, due to a huge reduction in business taking place and a significant number of businesses being closed due to restrictions. However, we anticipated that when these organisations started to reopen, we would see an increase in change of tenancies as they reevaluated their needs, forecasts and expectations for the ‘new normal’. At Niccolo, we wanted to be as prepared as possible and ensure that we could cope with this increase.

Simplifying the change of tenancy process

It was our priority to make sure that when such a time came, we could make the moving in and out process as straightforward for you, our customers, as possible, reducing the frustrations that can come with a business move. In response, we designed and added an incoming and outgoing change of tenancy form to our website, which is simple to follow and sends an automated email to our Business Mover team who can process this. We have had a lot of feedback regarding this webform and customers just like you like this facility and agree it’s making the transition as smooth as possible.

As anticipated, we did start to see a rise in change of tenancies towards the end of summer and into the winter periods, as the nation faced two more lockdowns and some smaller businesses were unable to survive. We have noticed a lot of change of tenancies into landlord properties and due to this influx, it did increase our SLA from two weeks to four weeks, however this still places Niccolo above the industry standard, where the process can often take up to eight weeks.

This is something so important to us, that we still manage customer expectations and deliver award-winning customer service for a potentially difficult time.

During the moving in and out process, Niccolo and our Business Mover team will treat each change of tenancy individually and make sure that we are supporting you through this period. We know that moving is not the easiest process and we want to consider everyone’s needs. Whether you are a landlord, a new business or if this is an emotional time where the business has had to close, we will support you and make sure the process is simple and efficient, as we want to maintain a good customer relationship with new and old tenants.

We know that moving in and out isn’t the easiest of processes and when you may have a 100 things to consider, we have created some top tips to make your move as straightforward as possible:

Moving In

  • Take a photo of your gas, electricity and water meter – send to your supplier so your start reading is accurate.
  • If you are unsure who is the registered gas supplier to your property, contact the meter number helpline on 0870 608 1524 and they will let you know.

Moving Out

  • Take a photo of your gas, electricity, and water meter – send to your supplier so they can process your final invoice.
  • In the winter months, it’s always good practice to turn the thermostat down as opposed to off, to ensure the pipes don’t freeze and any gas used is minimal.
  • Provide your supplier with a forwarding address so any final correspondence can be provided, failing that you can set up a redirect to your new address, you simply need to submit a redirect application form by post or at your local Post Office at least five working days before you move.