Bakery Story

Take a deep breath.

Think about a bakery window display.

Smell the aromas.

Picture the expertly baked pastries, the sponge cakes made with love and the doughnuts and expertly baked treats.

Surely, you’ve got a smile on your face, right?

Are you craving a delicious treat right now?

Is that exactly what you knead?

No bun intended.

Most bakeries start off small.

Whether it is owned and run by a husband and wife team.

Those who realise baking is their true calling.

A couple of friends that have decided on a new adventure.

Maybe a micro-bakery run from home.

Or a family-owned bakery that has been passed down through generations.

No matter where they begin, they impact the lives of many.

The world has changed dramatically over the last few years, however, one thing has remained the same. Consistently throughout history, bakeries have provided us with sweet treats and loaves of bread for us all to love.

Whether you’re a regular customer or just pop in from time to time, bakeries provide a hub for people to enjoy themselves.

No matter if you prefer traditional old-school places or modern artisan coffee shops, there is a spot for you.

Bakeries are at the heart of the neighbourhood.

Now, more than ever, bakeries have been helping people across the world.

They give us a reason to celebrate and share special moments with the people we love the most.

They employ people from the local area, teaching valuable skills and experience to develop their careers.

Those whose lives have taken a rough turn are given education and training to give them an opportunity in life.

Many are community-run, the centre and driving force behind the work to regenerate local areas.

They have fed frontline workers, helped residents get back on their feet and confronted other systemic challenges we are facing.

All whilst making their little corners of the world brighter.

They have brought us joy at a time when so many of us needed it the most.

It is a place for people to come together.

Connection, comfort, content.

The local bakery is here to stay.

From bakers to drivers to cooks to shop staff, they work round the clock to meet demand and put smiles on our faces and serve products that are fresh for customers during open hours.

While we’re all fast asleep, enjoying our dreams, bakers are wide awake throughout the night making sure we have little delights on the shelves.

Creating each order by hand, putting their love and soul into each and every item.

Not only this, but bakers have the incredible skill and creativity to make treats such as gourmet doughnuts and pastries. Yum!

Oh, and of course, that smell of delicious, warm bread.

They all are honest, friendly, fun human beings. They have this passion and dedication for creating a supportive environment, as well as providing services to valued customers.

Our local bakeries are the backbone of the area.

By supporting your local baker, you are supporting your neighbourhood.

In the UK, we are thankful to have seen an emergence of community-supported bakeries.

With many more local businesses starting to open, the place around you grows. But with more customers, comes increased production. More orders to handle. More mouths to feed. More energy is required.

Bakeries work incredibly hard to make amazing, fresh delights for us all to enjoy, day in day out. It is their life and it is something held extremely close to heart.

When baking almost every day, there will be a time when the bakery will need to sit down and think about the next steps. In order to fulfil the desires of our community, decisions need to be made. Is it time to expand?

This can be an extremely stressful and overwhelming time, especially if it isn’t dealt with by an experienced team.

So now, the day has come to expand. This means a bigger gas supply to run a new oven. The old oven and supply have been outgrown and the is a need for a change.

But what happens now? Where does our local baker turn to when they need a bigger gas supply? The world runs on energy, bakeries and cafes too.

Well, keeping things local and in the community, turning to Niccolo is the option.

Based in Edinburgh, with a local support team, things are in the community with Niccolo.

High energy prices? Well, they give me the crepes.

Your local business can save money, reduce energy outputs and it can all be done through a simple online form.

Rather than using an energy supplier that sees small businesses as just a number, using a local supplier helps our communities grow stronger.

With a trusted, dedicated service from our Edinburgh based team, small businesses receive friendly, skilled support from someone based in the UK that wants to help.

For businesses of all sizes, there is a range of business gas products that can be tailored to any energy demand.

Hate waiting all day on the phone for call centres? Me too. It’s like watching a cake grow.

With a local support team, the customer service experience is better and more dedicated than any large supplier. The team of experts are there for your business, not just a number.

There is even the RGGO Green Gas and REGO backed Green Electricity options.

What do bakeries give us?

  • Love
  • Care
  • Support
  • Trust
  • Treat you like family

What do larger energy suppliers give us?

  • Cold service
  • Treat you like a number
  • Don’t care
  • Poor support
  • No trust

No one wants to be just a number. Treated without care and just wanted for your money.

This is exactly the opposite of what the bakery does for us.

With over 20 years of extensive industry knowledge and reliable service, Niccolo is here for the small business.

It is a huge whisk going with a bigger energy supplier. Higher prices, poor customer service and no love or connection.

Small businesses are the cornerstone of our towns and cities.

We want more local small shops.

We want more local independent businesses.

We want better, trustworthy, local energy suppliers to provide them with a trusted service.

Niccolo ticks all the boxes.

So, how does the bakery save money on its energy?

It is simple, piece of cake!

Just fill out this form and the team will get back to you the same day.

Or, if it is easier, call 0131 610 8868, or email us ( for a free, no-obligation quote within 2 hours during working hours.

When it comes to expert service and getting you up and running in no time at all, Niccolo is your first choice.

Is it easy to get a bigger gas supply?

The simple process from Niccolo will ensure the bakery is back making tasty treats in no time.

There is a guarantee that the team will work closely with your requirements, ensuring that a solution is created that suits your timescale and budget.

Piece of pie, right?

Most of the big companies will add unnecessary and unwanted time delays to the process, causing more stress and a more overwhelming experience.

The proof is in the pudding, our customers have been extremely happy with the service.

A streamlined, quick and easy process will be used to complete the new gas meter installation within your time frame.

So, to get you on the right path, give us a call or email us at and the team will be more than happy to assist you, giving you relevant information and guidance.

Did I mention your bakery can reduce its carbon footprint too? Green and environmentally friendly, the perfect combo. New gas meters can help to reduce your energy output, contributing to a healthier planet.

As well, this is a great opportunity to enhance your public image and improve brand recognition.

What are you waiting for? Put down your cake (yes, we know the introduction made you go and get a slice) and give the team a call. Lower, greener energy deals are there for you.

The customers will thank you for it. Now you can help even more people in the neighbourhood and fulfil more orders, putting smiles on more faces. We are all in this together.

Niccolo, here for your business.