EI: Who are the Energy Institute?

The Energy Institute is dedicated to providing professionals in the energy industry with resources and technical support. It provides memberships for engineers, scientists, oil workers and more. Members have access to a variety of different benefits such as professional networking opportunities at conferences that are attended by some of today’s top minds on the topic.

The EI website offers an extensive programme of online training courses covering a variety of energy topics – whether you are a company looking to develop your staff or professionals wanting to improve their career, they have the resources and expertise available for you. They also offer a support network that will help with anything from understanding credit ratings on various companies in the industry, getting tips on how best to communicate so as not be misunderstood by colleagues in other countries who speak different languages than yours- all while helping connect people like yourself through social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

Courses are set from £70 up to £250 on Offshore Environmental Awareness,  Corrosion Under Consultation levels and ESOS Assessor certificates.

Former Chief Executive National Grid, President Steve Holliday FREng FEI current still acts as Chairman of both Zenobe, CityFibre and Crisis, the homeless Charity. In his personal life, he is known to volunteer with the Carers and Enterprise Company where he also stands as Vice Chairman of the business. Lastly, he is the Chairman of the Black Stork Charity.

Steve is a man who has seen many things in his time. As the Board Director responsible for the UK and Europe since 2001, Steve became Chief Executive of National Grid Group in 2007 until he retired from this position 10 years later.

Steve has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry. Before joining National Grid, he was on the Board for British Borneo Oil and Gas where he helped develop their international businesses in Brazil, Australia, West Africa. Steve had also spent much of his early career with Exxon Corporation holding senior roles like refining manager as well as shipping director before moving to International business developing LNG terminals around Europe including construction projects that are currently underway at Wilhelmshaven refinery near Hamburg, Germany.

Steve is an intelligent, talented individual who has had a long and distinguished career both in academia and the private sector. He holds a BSc degree from Nottingham University and honorary doctorates from both Nottingham and Strathclyde universities; As if this were not enough to impress you with his credentials, he’s also served as National Ambassador for HRH The Prince of Wales from 2012-2014.

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