All about Niccolo Gas

Thinking of switching gas supplier to Niccolo?

Wondering who we are and how Niccolo can help for your business?

Our staff have been working in the energy industry for nearly 20 years and have helped all kinds of businesses to get the best deal on their energy contracts, so we know the market.

They’ve also advised on energy suppliers when they were starting up, so we know the industry.

A Supplier Is Only As Good As Their Business Partners

All shipping and support services are provided for us by CNG Ltd.

They are the largest independent shipper of gas in the UK, and supply more commercial meters than nPower, Scottish Power and EDF.

In the commercial market, they are larger than 3 of the Big 6.

As our partner, CNG fully guarantee all of our contracts. In the event of any issues with Niccolo they will honour all pricing and contracts.

Niccolo Coat of Arms

Brokers and Partners

We’re now working with brokers all across the country as well as being listed on Compare the Market and 100’s of other sites.