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Our staff have been working in the energy industry for nearly 20 years and have helped all kinds of businesses to get a better deal on their energy contracts, so we know the market.

They’ve advised other energy suppliers when they were starting up, so we know the industry.

We answer the phone.

We reply to emails, promptly.

We don’t hide behind 5 day SLAs.

We don’t have offshore call centres, we’re in Edinburgh.

We have a fast and simple billing platform, that is easy to use.

We offer a simple and honest service, nothing more, nothing less.

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Brokers and Partners

We work with brokers and consultants all across the country as well as being listed on Compare the Market and 100’s of other sites.

We don’t work with all brokers. Some brokers want to add 2p or 3p to our prices. We think this is too much, so we don’t work with those brokers.

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Niccolo Gas and Power is a white-label partner for Pozitive Energy – we were originally working with CNG, but with their demise and Pozitive becoming the supplier of last resort, moving to them made sense.

In terms of what we offer

1, 2 and 3 year contract terms as standard – 4 or 5 year terms are available when the market allows

Co-terminus end dates are available.

Gas – up to 20gig

Elec – NHH and HH – up to 20gig

Multisite pricing

Low credit customer pricing is available.

Pricing for ALL sectors is available

We can handle Pozitive Energy information requests, COTs & renewals.

As you may be aware, Ofgem has updated the way suppliers handle our customers switching to and from us, and these changes are live.

You can find our Terms and Conditions online here

There are no material changes to the terms of your contract, and your contract will run as normal.

If you have any questions about the changes, get in touch.