How to use Niccolo’s billing platform

Dashboard Navigation

As a customer of Niccolo Gas we offer an online billing platform that easily shows the breakdown of your monthly payments, as-well as a whole bunch of other helpful information. This guide will help show how to navigate with grace, and hopefully answer any questions that you may have.

Niccolo Gas Billing Platform

Once you have input your personal log-in details you will be redirected to your dashboard. This is a basic overview of your account with us, and is a great starting point for navigation. If you are stuck and don’t know where to find what it is you are looking for, then it is always a good idea to return here.

Now, we’re going to break down the content on this page and what it all means.

At the top of the page, you will see four different tabs available for selection. The highlighted tab is where you currently are – and as we’re explaining the dashboard it is currently shown in white. The invoices tab redirects you to the invoice homepage where you can view information on past and current invoices from Niccolo Gas. The payments tab will redirect you to view information we have stored on payments you have made so far from your account. If you have finished with your current session, then you are able to use the “log out” tab to quickly log out of our billing platform. This may seem like very general information but we will explain it in greater depth later on.

Now, we are going to breakdown the user dashboard and what it all means. At first glance there is a lot of information to take in but if we break it down into smaller sections’ we can see it’s not all that scary.

First, we can see the information you have registered with Niccolo Gas and the associated billing address and e-mail address. If you think that there are any problems with the information displayed then you are able to edit your details within the dashboard by selecting the green “Edit Details” link. If this doesn’t resolve your issue then you are able to contact us directly using the contact details provided at the bottom of the page.

This is a quick-bar with some helpful contact info for you to use. This shows our registered company address, as-well as our contact number, website, and e-mail address.

Now, we have covered the information side of things – what now? Well, now it’s time to go a little more in-depth regarding your billing and statements.

This section of the dashboard allows you to see the break down of Total Invoiced, Paid to Date, and Open Balance. This is a very basic breakdown of your billing and allows you to see immediately if there is any money owed.

Total Invoiced: This is the total amount of money we have invoiced you for since the start of your contract.

Paid to Date: This is how much money we have received from you in payments since the start of your contract.

Open Balance: This is how much money we have calculated that is currently owed. Essentially this is the difference between Total Invoiced and Paid to Date.

Finally, we have the smallest section of the dashboard that was briefly mentioned earlier. Here, we have two navigational options to choose from.

We mentioned earlier on that if you spotted a mistake in the registered information that we have stored for you, that you could edit it. Here is the quick-link to do so. By selecting ‘Edit Details’ you’ll be taken to a menu tab where you can input your correct personal information.

Beside this is the ‘View Statement’ link. If clicked, this will present your most recent account statement as a PDF document. More on this later.


If you navigate to the invoices tab at the top of the page, this is where we store all of the invoices’ we have sent to you for billing. We believe in complete transparency in everything we do – which is why you are able to access all of your reports in one easy-to-view location.

In this example customer you can see that they have been sent three invoices throughout their time with us. Don’t worry, this customer is completely imaginary and all details fabricated so that we could show an example of how to navigate this section. All of the menu headers are interactive and you are able to sort by a simple click on any one of them.

Invoice Number: This is the identification number for the invoice we have sent to you. You don’t have to worry to much about this, it’s just a way of identifying invoices. If you would like to bring up more detailed information regarding an invoice then you can click on the invoice number and it will bring up the PDF document.

Invoice Date: This is the date that we have issued this specific invoice. As you can see this occurs on the same date every month for this customer.

Invoice Total: This is the total monetary amount we have billed you for. This is calculated by different factors – the breakdown of which is contained within the PDF invoice.

Balance Due: This is how much is still owed for the related invoice. As you can see the balance due goes down to 0 for all of the invoices that have been paid in-full.

Due Date: This is the exact date that we require payment for an invoice. We don’t believe in demanding payment straight away as we understand it may be difficult for some customers to pay on short notice.

Status: This is the overall status of an invoice. If an invoice has been paid in full, then the status will be changed to a green ‘paid’ notification. If an invoice is missing payment, then it will show as a red ‘past due’ notification and requires immediate action.

As mentioned earlier, you are able to bring up a more detailed breakdown of any invoice -past or present – by simply clicking on the blue invoice number. Here, we can see a much more detailed monthly invoice. These will vary from customer to customer, so don’t panic if yours doesn’t look exactly like this! The most important thing to know is that if you want to know the root of your monthly charges, these are located within this document. Although this document is embedded into the website, there is also an option to download a copy for your own records – shown on the top right of this screen capture.


By following the navigational tab at the top of your web-page, you can find the ‘Payments’ page. This page holds all of the information regarding previous payments to Niccolo Gas. This page is very similar to the invoice web-page, and is just as interactive – users are able to click on any of the menu headers to sort by that variable.

Invoice: This is the same as the ‘Invoice number’ held in the Invoices tab. If you’d like to view an invoice, you are able to click on the blue text just the same.

Transaction reference: When making a payment you are able to enter a reference to make it easier to identify. This can be any short text phrase you would like.

Method: There are different ways in which we accept payment, with most customers paying directly through a direct debit. The information on how a payment was made will be held here.

Payment Amount: The exact monetary amount that was paid to Niccolo Gas.

Payment Date: The exact date that a payment was made to Niccolo Gas.

Status: The current status of a payment – those that have been received and processed show up as ‘Completed’ and do not require any action.


If you would like to view your most up to date statement on your account or view an older statement, then you can navigate here using the ‘View Statement’ button on your dashboard homepage. If you do not know where to find this, please refer back to the Dashboard Navigation section.

Shown first is your most recent statement for the account. Like invoices, these are free to download as a PDF computer to any of your devices. The breakdown of this statement allows you a detailed overview of your account.

The menu located above the PDF document allows for multiple sorting actions.