Out of Contract and Deemed Rates

What are Out of Contract Rates and when do they apply?

Niccolo’s Out of Contract (OOC) rate is the rate charged for services where the customer terminates their contract with CNG and no new arrangement has been agreed with a new supplier or Niccolo.

The OOC rate applies from the date the contract comes to an end (not when the termination notice is given) until the customer either (i) leaves the premises (ii) renews their contract with Niccolo or (iii) moves to a new supplier.

Niccolo’s current Gas OOC Rate is 60p per day and 12p/kWh.

What are Deemed Rates and when do they apply?

Niccolo’s Deemed Rate is the rate charged when a customer moves into premises where Niccolo already supplies the services, and no formal contract has been entered into between the customer and Niccolo. The rate applies until the customer either (I) moves to another supplier or (ii) signs a contract with Niccolo.

Niccolo’s current Gas Deemed Rate is 60p per day and 12p/kWh.

Please note:

Deemed and OOC rates are typically more expensive than the prices on offer to customers on fixed term contracts. If you’re on a Deemed or OOC rate please contact us to get our best rates.

Depending on your gas usage, you may also be subject to a standing charge.

Please get in touch for more information.