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Business Gas for YOU

Office spaces consume their gas in an entirely unique way.

Large office spaces dedicate approximately three-quarters of their annual gas consumption simply keeping the office space warm.

Any experienced manager worth their salt will tell you – a comfortable and happy staff equals a productive office and a successful business.

It seems like your business gas supplier may have a greater effect on your business success than you think…

Why does your office need a personalised contract?

As much of office-based gas demand is for heating, there are exclusive opportunities available as a result.

Niccolo Gas are one of a select bunch of UK suppliers who offer flexible business gas contracts to our customers alongside our fixed-rate contracts. Flexible business gas contracts extend the benefits of the wholesale market past the supplier, all the way to the consumer – you.

The prices paid for gas in these contracts follow wholesale market trends – meaning that when the wholesale market price is low, so too are the prices you pay for your flexible contract.

The wholesale gas market is massively influenced by seasonality (so too is gas demand for heating) – meaning that if you sign a flexible business gas contract at the right time you can dramatically lower costs, making your business far more price-competitive than your competitors.

Niccolo Gas – Drivers of Change

In a time of great social change, it is no longer enough to stand on the sidelines and keep quiet.

We believe it is time for energy suppliers to match the progressive social change we see happening around us. It is time to play our part.

You can be comfortable in the knowledge that your business gas partner is committed to creating a better future both within the energy industry and for historically marginalized groups.

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Exclusive Business Gas Opportunities Within Reach

Business gas rates may be much cheaper than domestic gas rates (depending on the size of business and annual consumption). Many businesses will even pay a slightly higher VAT rate than domestic gas customers.

Business gas prices should be thought of as separate from domestic gas prices as they are calculated entirely differently.

Business gas contracts in the UK can be either fixed-term or variable-rate (flexible), although not all gas suppliers in the UK offer both contract types.

Niccolo Gas does.

Contract TypePrice InformationOpportunity
FixedGuaranteed unit price set for the duration of the contract.Great contract type for providing accurate and reliable figures for forecasting and budgets.
FlexibleVariable priceBrilliant for passing on benefits of wholesale market movements direct to customers.

Figure 1 – Table containing price information and unique strengths of each business gas contract type.

How Niccolo Gas works for you

When you entrust your business gas supply to us, you gain the following benefits:

  • A wide range of business gas products to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes
  • Support in place from one of the largest UK gas suppliers
  • Dedicated teams located in Edinburgh and Harrogate
  • Expert-level industry knowledge
  • Renowned reliable service

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