Sustainable Procurement

Energy Procurement is a tricky business. Creating a business fundamentally entrenched with risk may not seem like a sensible move, that is something that we do not disagree on. But we’re still here. As are so many other energy procurement specialists… Now, we’re not saying we’ve cracked the code on how to avoid all risks …

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Bullish Energy Markets

Between 2011 and 2016, energy markets were in a perpetual state of freefall. Energy buyers thought the good times would never end… But they did. Unexpected Bullish Markets Ever since April of 2016 energy prices have been on a firm bull run – coal prices worldwide, natural gas prices and electricity prices for Europe, Asia …

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What Is AQ?

AQ stands for Annual Quantity and is a term that most people will be familiar with. But could they tell you what it is? I don’t mean a short, vague description… I mean really tell you what it is. The ins and the outs, how it is calculated, what it means for customers – could …

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