Why is green gas important for my business?

In recent years the world has been trying to fight climate change. The temperatures and sea levels have been on the rise, weather patterns have been changing, and more and more cases of extreme weather can be observed. The effects of these changes can be felt by everyone in the world and it is likely that they affect the performance of your business.

What causes climate change?

Climate change is caused by the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. The greenhouse gas emissions are released into the atmosphere as a result of the activity of humans, including customers and businesses. So yes, sadly, it is possible that your company is contributing to it. In fact, the UK government revealed that in the UK ‘business activities account for around half of all emissions.’

Why should you measure your business’s greenhouse emissions?

Every business should measure its greenhouse emissions. Have a look at the table below and find out why!

Saving moneyMeasuring your business’s greenhouse emissions allows you to verify which aspect of running the company uses the most energy.   Once you know this you can reduce consumption and save money.
Being transparentNowadays, more and more customers ask about businesses emissions before they decide to choose their services.   If you measure your emissions, you will be able to answer all their questions and provide them with all the information.
Acquiring new customersIf you show that you care about the environment, you will become more competitive and encourage more people to use your services.
Saving the planetBy understanding your business’s emissions, you can change your energy consumption habits and contribute to tackling climate change.
Driving innovationIf you implement carbon-free energy and renewable technologies, you will make your business more innovative.

How to reduce your business’s carbon emissions?

Now that you know what the benefits of measuring your business’s emissions are, you should take a minute to have a look at why you should undertake steps to reduce them.

Reducing your greenhouse gas emissions can:

  • result in operational savings
  • enhance your business’s reputation
  • make your business more sustainable
  • make you more aware of the consequences your actions have on the environment.

By now you should realise that going green should be one of your business’s priorities. If you’re wondering how to do it Niccolo has got the answer for you – switch to more environmentally-friendly tariffs.

When you’re comparing energy deals, you might notice phrases like ‘green electricity’, ‘green energy’, ‘clean energy’. ‘100% renewable energy’, ‘renewable power’. If you want to contribute to stopping climate change, you should pick them.

Why should your business use green gas?

If you’re wondering what green gas actually is, here is the explanation.

Green gas → also known as biomethane, green gas is man-made from biodegradable materials and can be used the same way fossil fuels are. That means that if you switch to a green gas tariff, you will still be able to cook and heat your business’s premises! The only thing that will change is that your CO2 emissions will be lower. Green gas is basically carbon neutral so using it allows you to contribute to a more sustainable future.

What are the benefits of using green gas for your business?

There are a number of major advantages of using green gas:

benefit of using green gasdescription
Renewable energyGreen gas comes from renewable sources such as farm waste, human sewage, food waste, agricultural crops.   These sources will never run out so green gas is safe for Earth’s resources.
Improved soil qualityGrowing green matter that’s used in green gas leads to better soil quality, which is good for the environment.
Supporting local economyBy switching to green gas tariffs, you will support UK gas producers and boost the local economy.
Energy sourced from accredited sourcesWhen you get your energy from green gas, you can verify exactly where and how your gas is sourced.   You can ensure that your green gas is backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGOs).

Going green with Niccolo Gas

Niccolo Gas has over 20 years of experience in the energy industry and it understands current energy trends and the needs of businesses. Niccolo Gas is committed to offering innovative solutions that do not harm the environment.

Hence, Niccolo Gas offers a ‘Niccolo Gas Green’ tariff that is a carbon offset baked contract, which will help you make your business more sustainable. Get a Quote from Niccolo Gas today!

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