Upgrade to Green Gas with Niccolo

More and more customers decide to source their energy from green gas, which is made from biodegradable materials and is basically carbon neutral. For the time being, there are still not many suppliers in the UK that offer green gas tariffs as many rely on other renewable energy sources. Luckily for you, however, Niccolo gives you such an option!

When you join Niccolo, you can choose its Green or Gold tariffs that will allow you to lower your impact on the environment and reduce your carbon emissions.

Do you know what the difference between them is?

Niccolo GreenNiccolo Gold
Carbon offset backed gas supply contract
The gas itself isn’t guaranteed to be green unlike gas in the Niccolo Gold tariff
100% green gas tariff
Fully backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO)
One of only three UK suppliers that offer 100% green gas tariff

What else does Niccolo have in store?

Niccolo is currently working on a new green product – Niccolo Flourish. It will allow customers to offset their gas supply or get Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGO), hence making sure their gas is green. Customers will be able to do so even if they are not currently supplied by Niccolo.


When looking for a green gas tariff, you might encounter these two abbreviations. At first glance, they look the same so it’s easy to confuse them, but they refer to slightly different things.

Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin
The goal of REGO is to tell customers how much of the electricity their supplier sources comes from renewable sources
EU member states are obliged to join the scheme
The UK needs to stay committed to the scheme despite Brexit
Make suppliers’ activities more transparentIssued for every MWh of renewable energy the supplier uses
Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin
Similar to REGO
The main difference between RGGO and REGO is that the former are issued for every kWh of green gas (biomethane) injected into the grid and registered with the scheme
RGGO do not track the actual flow of green gas  

Find out more about REGO, RGGO and how to make your gas greener here.

Why should you choose a green gas tariff?

Green gas tariffs offer a great value for those looking for a tariff with environmental benefits. Everyone should undertake steps to stop climate change and protect the Planet, and switching to a green gas tariff is one, easy way to do it.

Do you wonder what’s so great about green gas?

Firstly, biomethane is made from materials such as, for example, farm waste, leftover food, human and animal sewage, or agricultural crops. Humans and animals will always keep producing these things so the supply of materials to produce green gas will never run out.

Secondly, green gas allows you to do all the things you’d do if you were generating your energy from fossil fuels. Thanks to the supply of green gas you can keep your apartment warm or cook. All that without causing harm to the environment!

Thirdly, green gas tariffs offer a good deal of transparency. If you switch to Niccolo’s Gold tariff, for example, you will be getting 100% green gas backed by REGO. You can then use this certificate to show your business’s customers how green gas is extracted and where it is sourced from.

What is ESG?

In simple terms, ESG stands for Environmental, Social, and Governance, and it refers to a sustainable and responsible investing strategy.

Each business is concerned with environmental, social, and governance issues and so ESG is an important part of running a business. Focusing on ESG and understanding how it works can make business operations more effective. To better understand what ESG is, let’s first have a look at its individual elements.

Aspect of ESGdescription
Environmental criteria (E)Refers to the energy efficiency of the company. Look at how much energy a company uses and how much waste it discharges. Analyse the company’s carbon emissions. Take into consideration resources used by the company to conduct its operations.
Social criteria (S)Look at how the company interacts with business partners and customers – what relationships it has with them. Analyse the company’s reputation. Look at inclusivity and diversity in the company
Governance (G)Analyses what mechanisms the company puts in place to govern itself Looks at procedures and decision-making processes

All these elements overlap and each business can consider a different criterion to be their priority. Nevertheless, all these considerations are extremely important and acting on ESG can prove your business’s commitment to various pressing issues, for example, climate change.

What are the benefits of focusing on ESG?

Improving your business’s performance in areas that make up ESG can create value in several ways.

  1. Helping your company grow.

If you focus on ESG, you will be able to come up with more sustainable products. As nowadays more and more people care about their impact on the environment, you will be able to attract new customers. In addition to that, you will be able to form longer-lasting relationships with business partners and clients.

  1. Reducing costs.

You will be able to lower your energy consumption, thus lowering your energy bills. You will be more sustainable, generate less waste and use less resources.

  1. You will gain greater strategic freedom.

Thanks to focusing more on ESG, you will be able to get government support. You will be able to avoid fines and penalties.

  1. You will boost your staff’s morale.

You will be able to improve the motivation of your employees, encouraging them to work more efficiently. You will attract more skilled candidates for your openings as your business’s reputation will be improved.

  1. You will enhance investment.

You will be able to plan more efficiently and you will learn how to better allocate capital. You will pay more attention to the long-term effects of your strategy. You will avoid investments that could not pay off because of environmental issues. Thanks to enhancing your ESG proposition, you will easily keep up with the competition.

How is switching to green gas important for ESG?

As you see, environmental criteria are an essential part of ESG. To make your ESG proposition stronger, you need to pay attention to the impact your company has on the environment. If you want to appear attractive and efficient in the eyes of potential business partners and customers, you should undertake steps to lower your carbon emissions, manage your energy consumption more efficiently, and produce less waste. Switching to a green gas tariff can help you achieve that.

Choosing a green gas tariff can help you be more sustainable and lower your impact on the environment. That’s something that many customers look at when finding a new provider for their products or services, whatever these are. Moreover, by choosing a green gas tariff, especially the Niccolo Gold tariff that allows you to get 100% of your gas supply from green gas, will help you beat your competitors. If a customer chooses between a company that uses fossil fuels or a company that gets their energy from 100% renewable sources, they are likely to pick the services of the latter.

You’re still not convinced?  Have a look at some data.

According to 2014 Nielsen Study:

  • 55% of respondents would pay more for products and services provided by companies that aim to have a positive social and environmental impact
  • 52% of respondents say that their decision on whether or not to purchase a product or services is affected by the social and environmental impact of the company
  • 66% of respondents choose sustainable, environmentally-friendly products over regular products.

It is, therefore, clear that modern customers prefer eco-friendly businesses. If you do not show your commitment to preventing climate change, you can soon see yourself losing customers.

Switch to green gas with Niccolo

Upgrading to a green gas tariff will allow your business to prosper and will bring you many long-lasting benefits. As a company, you should not only focus on what matters now but also invest in the future.

Caring about the environment should be an important aspect of your business’s strategy. It can not only help you achieve strategic goals and make a profit, but also make a positive change.

Switching to green gas with Niccolo is extremely easy.

If you’re intrigued by the numerous benefits of getting your energy from green gas, get in touch today!

Switch to Green Gas with Niccolo