Which Suppliers offer 100% Green Gas?

Nowadays more and more people care about the environment and aim to change their energy consumption habits to save the planet. That’s why green tariffs are rising in popularity. If you too want to lower your impact on the environment and source your energy from renewable sources, you should consider switching to a green gas tariff.

Do you know what exactly is green gas?

Green gas is also known as biomethane and it is made from biodegradable materials that will never run out such as farm waste, leftover food, human and animal sewage, agricultural crops. To create green gas, this matter is broken down in oxygen-free tanks in a process called anaerobic digestion. Green gas gives you all the benefits that fossil fuels do and you can use it to cook or heat the venue where your business is based.

The great thing about green gas is that it basically is carbon neutral so if you switch to a green gas tariff, you don’t have to worry about monitoring your business’s CO2 emissions.

What is green energy?

When you’re comparing various energy tariffs you might notice that the majority of suppliers offer some sort of green energy deal. Now the important thing to bear in mind is that not all of them will give you the chance to source your energy from green gas. In fact, the green gas tariffs are a recent invention and not many people know about them.

More generally, green energy is gas or electricity that are obtained from a range of renewable natural sources. There are many ways to generate renewable energy. Have a look at the table below to see how the most popular renewable energy sources compare to green gas.

type of renewable energyhow energy is sourcedcons
solar energygenerated from sunlightdoes not generate electricity at night
the amount of energy you can use varies depending on the time of day and season
wind energygenerated using wind farmsdoes not generate electricity when there is no wind
creates noise can harm birds
hydro energygenerated using flowing water that turns turbinescan only be generated where there is water
can lead to displacing people due to construction
building dams is very costly
green gasmade by bacteria breaking down organic matter  operating plants where green gas is made can be expensive
not many 100% green gas tariffs are available

It can be therefore observed that the main disadvantage of green gas is that it is not as common as other renewable energy sources.

Which suppliers offer 100% green gas tariffs?

Even though many suppliers offer green gas tariffs, not all of them give the customers the chance to get 100% of their energy from just this one source. In fact, in most cases, green gas accounts for only around 10%-15% of renewable energy tariffs. That’s why Niccolo has compiled a list of suppliers who offer 100% green gas tariffs.

  1. Niccolo Gas

Niccolo Gas is proud to be one of the very few gas suppliers in the UK that offer 100% green gas tariff. Our renewable energy deal is called Niccolo Gold Tariff and customers who choose it can enjoy 100% green gas backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO).

  1. People’s Energy – Ceased Trading 2021

People’s Energy is an energy supplier that is committed to offering competitive prices, putting customers before profit, and protecting the environment. For several years they have been offering green electricity that comes from three sources:

  • wind – 33.3%
  • solar – 33.3%
  • hydro – 33.3%.

Recently they also introduced a 100% renewable green gas tariff for business members, and are currently working on a 100% green gas tariff for domestic customers.

  1. Green Energy UK

Green Energy UK was the first energy supplier in the UK to offer 100% green gas. For many years they were the only ones to offer it, but that changed as green gas has been growing in popularity. Every kWh of their green gas is certified as green and can be traced back to the source.  The supplier also offers a range of other sustainable tariffs.

Where does my green energy come from?

Where your energy comes from depends on your supplier. If you want to make sure that the supplier of your choice offers 100% green gas, the best way to do it is to check their fuel mix. All energy companies in the UK are required by law to publish details of where they source their electricity from. When you compare various fuel mixes, you will realise that even if a tariff offers 100% renewable energy, the energy usually comes from various sources. Here’s an example.

Supplier – Bulb

100% of Bulb’s electricity comes from renewable sources and the breakdown of it looks as follows:

renewable sourcepart of fuel mix

As you can see, Bulb uses several sources to supply renewable energy to its customers.

Supplier – Green Energy UK

When you look at the fuel mix of Green Energy UK, you will notice that all of their renewable energy comes from just one source that is green gas.

renewable sourcepart of fuel mix
green gas100%

Now you know what to look for when you’re looking for a company that uses only green gas in its renewable energy plans.

Is a 100% green gas tariff more expensive?

Many people do not consider switching to 100% green gas tariffs because they are worried about the costs. While it is true that there is not much green gas in the UK just yet, a green gas tariff does not have to be more expensive than your current tariff. In fact, a fixed rate green gas tariff might be cheaper than a standard variable rate tariff. When you’re on a standard variable tariff, your energy prices might increase all of a sudden, whereas if you are on a fixed tariff, the prices will stay the same throughout the duration of your contract. So don’t be discouraged if initially, the prices of a 100% green gas tariff are more elevated than what you currently pay for energy. In the long run, you might be better off switching to a 100% green gas tariff.

Furthermore, suppliers that offer green gas tariffs are often happy to discuss various plans with customers interested in switching to a 100% green gas tariff. Even if your business’s budget is not too high, it’s worth enquiring about a 100% green gas tariff and it is likely that the deal will be cheaper than you think.

Benefits of switching to a 100% green gas tariff

Even if the new green gas tariff is slightly more expensive than your current one, there are many benefits of switching to a 100% green gas tariff that outweigh them.

Do you wonder what they are?

Firstly, what is probably the biggest benefit of switching to a 100% green gas tariff is that you will significantly lower your business’s impact on the environment. As climate change has been affecting us all, undertaking steps to stop it and preserve the Earth for future generations is extremely important. If you want to do some good and contribute to protecting the environment, don’t wait any longer and switch to a 100% green gas tariff!

Secondly, you will not be using up the Earth’s resources. Green gas is made of food or farm waste that people and animals will always produce. It’s, therefore, impossible to run out of material to produce it. Moreover, rather than simply disposing of this waste, using it to make green gas is innovative and useful. By choosing 100% green gas tariffs you will show your customers how forward-looking your business is.

Lastly, 100% green gas tariffs offer great transparency and accountability. All green gas can be tracked from production to consumption and businesses that switch to 100% green gas tariffs can get a unique certificate called Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin. These identifiers are issued by the Green Gas Certification Scheme and they prove that a business is committed to tackling climate change. Moreover, from the certificate, you and your customers can find out exactly where and how green gas is extracted.

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