Research by Manchester-based Utility Bidder reveals the cost of office energy waste | Business Up North

As eco-consciousness becomes a growing concern for businesses around the United Kingdom, one Manchester-based energy switching company has revealed just how much energy the typical office wastes every day.

The Manchester-based Utility Bidder researched how many watts of energy is consumed by businesses and estimated the average cost.

They have revealed that servers use approximately 1,000 KW of energy by running 24 hours per day, costing businesses an average of £1,095 per year. Meanwhile, air conditioning requires 4,000 KW and sets business owners back around £1,460 per annum.

Although these are necessities that every business requires, Utility Bidder also researched the cost of leaving computer monitors, desk fans and photocopiers running when they are not required.

They found that every employee who leaves their desktop computer on at night is wasting the business up to £36.50. Photocopiers left on standby, furthermore, could be wasting up to £25.55 per employee.

A spokesperson for Utility Bidder said: “We are often told how important it is to save electricity at home, both to reduce utility costs and ensure we do our little bit to protect the environment. However, quite often the energy that is consumed in an office is overlooked.”

“Each year businesses end up paying millions of pounds by running electronic appliances in the office for up to 8 hours a day, resulting in wasted energy, while some appliances, such as internet servers and landline phones, run 24 hours a day.”

They concluded: “Although you might not realise it, office appliances such as computers, printers and photocopiers consume a lot of energy even when they’re not in use. Applying some of the same energy-saving techniques that you use at home can be beneficial for businesses.”

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