Energy Price Guarantee: What is it, Links to Energy Price Cap & Forecasts


 What is the energy price guarantee?

The Energy Price Guarantee, introduced by then-Prime Minister Liz Truss in October 2022, aimed to mitigate the impact of a proposed 80% increase in the energy price cap. By setting maximum prices for gas and electricity below those under the existing price cap, the EPG sought to alleviate the financial strain on consumers during a period of heightened energy costs. This government intervention, coupled with the energy price cap, has been instrumental in providing a buffer against the volatility of global energy markets. 

Is there a link between the EPG and energy price cap?

The interplay between the EPG and the price cap during the energy crisis period provided essential relief to consumers, with the EPG setting maximum prices from October 2022 to June 2023. However, the subsequent falls in the price cap since July 2023, driven by reductions in wholesale energy prices, have led to lower consumer bills without the need for EPG intervention. 

This period has seen a complex adjustment in energy pricing, reflecting the challenges of managing supply and demand dynamics, geopolitical tensions, and the transition towards more sustainable energy sources. The fluctuations in gas and electricity prices, alongside the regulatory measures implemented to stabilize the market, underscore the ongoing efforts to balance affordability with the sustainability of the energy sector

What is the long-term forecast in the energy market?

As the UK moves beyond the immediate crisis period, the focus shifts towards long-term stability and affordability in the energy market. The expected decrease in the price cap for the rest of 2024 offers a cautiously optimistic outlook for consumers, suggesting a gradual return to more manageable energy costs. However, the enduring impact of the crisis, marked by a significant increase in prices compared to pre-crisis levels, highlights the need for continued vigilance and adaptability in energy policy and market regulation. 


In conclusion, current gas and electricity prices reflect a moment of transition in the UK’s energy market, from crisis management to striving for stability and affordability. The evolving landscape, shaped by the interplay between the EPG, the price cap, and market forces, continues to influence the cost of energy for consumers and the strategic direction of the energy sector. 

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