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Running a business is hard, Niccolo is trying to help by producing a range of guides for small to medium-sized businesses.

Gas Purchase Agreements

Earn a steady income by exporting “green” gas. You may generate a regular income by exporting biomethane gas straight to National Grid if you manage a plant that produces it as a by-product. Exporting your waste gas instead of burning it to generate energy is a significantly more efficient operation. To inject your gas straight …

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Gas Meter Removal

Getting away from the gas We expect (and urge) more consumers to disconnect their gas supply as they move away from using gas to heat their houses and water and instead ‘electrify’ these operations. However, because this procedure is still relatively uncommon, there is little common understanding about how to organise it, how much it …

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C02 Heat Pumps

C02 heat pumps are not really ‘new’ anymore. They’ve been around for a bit, and have slowly grown in popularity over the years as opposed to exploding onto the scene. But with the constant push for supreme efficiency in every walk of life, soon these heat pumps will become much more relevant. With the ability …

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Failed suppliers

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have likely heard about the UK ‘Energy Crisis’ recently… So, why is no one panicking? In a time of sensationalist media and polarising politics, we as a nation have become desensitised to such strong language. It seems like every other day there is a national emergency, …

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